Vanishing America Cummins 4BT NAS D90
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4BT Cummins Diesel Engine Swap
Ecological Vehicle Solutions is modifying this NAS D90 for Holt Webb of
It has a 4cyl Cummins diesel, NV4500 transmission adapterd to the land Rover LT230 transfercase, a
WVO conversion including custom aluminum side fuel tank for VO, rock sliders, upgraded suspension
and more.....
We start with a Cummins
Factory rebuilt 4BTA engine.  
This model has the desirable
Bosch P7100 Injection Pump
The Original Land Rover 3.9L
aluminum V8
The factory V8 is removed.
The factory V8 motor mounts
are cut off and the area where
the new mounts will go is
ground clean.
New mounts are spot welded in
place and doubled checked
before final welding.
New mounts are welded in
4BT hydraulic motor mounts
are used to help absorb
Drivers side engine side mount
Passenger side engine side
New crossmember for the
NV4500 transmission and
LT230 transfercase
Craddle mount for the
transmission and transfercase.
Fresh from powdercoating the
new crossmember is ready to
Machined aluminum adapter to
mate a Dodge NV4500 to the
Land Rover LT 230
Machined  NV4500 output
shaft compared to the stock
land rover transmission output
shaft on the left.
Machined  NV4500 mainshaft
output spline to 32 spline to
mate to the broached LT230
input gear.  
Here's the NV4500 with the
modified output shaft and the
adapter plate in place.
The bulkhead had to modified for
View from the inside.  The foot wells
were then coated with Quiet Car
sound deadening spray on coating.
Test fitting the 4BT
Tight fit around the steering box.
The hood clearance is also very tight.
The intake spacer was cut in half to
add a little more clearance.
A full width 27X11X3 intercooler
was added.
All the polished aluminum intake
tubing was beaded for the silicone
hose connections.